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Horses are born with the ability to read subtle body language and react from intent. When developing a relationship at Liberty with a horse, we need to show them that we know Liberty too!

Join Jonathan and seven different horses while he takes you through multiple real time sessions, teaching you the skills you need to be able to take the ropes off and be excellent at Liberty.

Jonathan's main partner in this series is Jack – a six year old Quarter horse gelding with very little ground work experience. Over multiple lessons with Jack, Jonathan brings him through his program and well on his way to becoming a great Liberty horse. Holding nothing back, Jonathan teaches you his simple step-by-step program in his typical candid and easy to understand manner.






DVD #1: Jonathan's Pre-Liberty Plan
(1hr 15min)


Watch and learn with Jonathan as he guides you through the path to Liberty with essential on-line skills that give you the ability to know exactly what to do next with your horse. Starting with Hal, you'll begin a conversation about 'Feel' that will make it possible to achieve that special connection that techniques alone will not achieve.

Meet Jack, a horse that has never done Liberty before, and begin the journey as Jonathan takes him through these keys steps. Steps that will be revisited many times throughout the entire series.


  • Jonathan teaches you body positioning and reward concepts to create a natural draw between you and your horse.
  • Discover how to use the halter and lead rope as if they're not there
  • Learn a primary communication that will create building blocks to play at Liberty
  • Get your horse to trot to you willingly
  • Learn to not take it personal!


  • Chapter 1: Meet Jack and the Primary Equine Language
  • Chapter 2: Draw & Drive
  • Chapter 3: Follow Me Game



DVD #2: Natural Success at Liberty
(1hr 12 min)

Continue with Jonathan and Jack, now with the next key step as Jake's first session at Liberty draws near. You'll learn 'Stick to my Shoulder' and understand how it becomes a connector exercise for every session in the future, as well as a flowing transition to the Responsibility Circle. This advances the conversation with your horse and requires positional accuracy so your horse knows exactly where to be to become confident to run to you and wrap around you. Now you are becoming the moving Sweet Spot.

Witness how Jonathan sets Jack up for a successful first impression at Liberty. In a follow up session, see how the lessons were absorbed by Jack and how Jonathan builds his confidence and willingness. You will literally see the penny drop for Jack.

  • On-line Responsibility Circle with a slack rope
  • Learn the positioning to have your horse change from side to side
  • See the first two Liberty Sessions with Jack
  • Learn how to create an Active Sweet Spot on your shoulder
  • Understand the JF Training Scale and how to use it to stay on track
  • Learn how to bend your horse around you at Liberty


  • Chapter 4: Stick to My Shoulder
  • Chapter 5: The Responsibility Circle
  • Chapter 6: The Next Day
  • Chapter 7: Putting it Together with Flow
  • Chapter 8: An Introduction to Liberty


DVD #3: The Round Pen – Part I
(1hr 40min)

In this DVD you will learn how to properly use a Round Pen to build a great connection with your horse. These critical lessons teach you to set up for success in what can be a very destructive environment if used improperly. Because of the ridiculous myths and vast misuse of a Round Pen, many horses have been driven further away from their owners permanently. These myths will be destroyed as Jonathan demonstrates a clear plan to get the most out of this tool – techniques to ultimately create a bond that doesn't require the Round Pen walls.
  • You'll learn with Hal all the angles and rings in a round pen
  • Create a situation so your horse has 3 choices and time to think
  • Learn how to do less movement to keep your horse sensitive
  • Jonathan covers with Jack a few more important On-line skills
  • See how the 5 body parts and the horse's sensitivity bubble play a role in how you respond to horses in a round pen


  • Chapter 9: An Overview with Hal
  • Chapter 10: Round Pen Specifics
  • Chapter 11: 2 Ways to Bring Back
  • Chapter 12: Preparing for the Round Pen On-line
  • Chapter 13: Jake's First Round Pen Session ( including 'Thoughts on Connection')


DVD #4: The Round Pen – Part II
(50 min)

Jack continues his next sessions in the round pen at Liberty and you'll see how everything up till his point is put together and then advanced. Jack throws in some good learning opportunities as he tests "what happens when…?"
  • Learn how to equalize your horse if one side responds better than the other
  • Learn the Relaxed Responsibility Circle in the Round Pen
  • See how stimulation and relaxation need to be balanced
  • Learn Liberty transitions and how each release matters so much
  • Bring in obstacles to test your connection and have fun


  • Chapter 14: Jack's Second Session in the Round Pen
  • Chapter 15: Variety in the Round Pen
  • Chapter 16: Jack's Third Session in the Round Pen (including 'A Proper Send')


DVD #5: Advancing Liberty – Part I
(49 min)

Watch while Jonathan and his top Liberty horse, Hal, play through a session in the open arena and get the big picture of where your Liberty journey can lead. Then Jonathan tests his teaching with Jack in the open arena and shows the areas that require more time. The pace of the information quickens as these skills require more from us.
  • Learn how to stop your horse from cutting in or dropping their shoulder
  • Create more bend and lateral movement at Liberty
  • Develop a quicker draw without pinning the ears
  • Go further in to the Training Scale to learn about balance in your horse's body from side to side
  • Learn how to not force a connection in you horse and cause them to explode away


  • Chapter 17: Playing in the Open Arena with Hal
  • Chapter 18: Jack in the Open Arena – Test Your Teaching
  • Chapter 19: Back to the Basics and More!


DVD #6: Advancing Liberty – Part II
(38 min)

Starting with Cam, Jonathan teaches you how to safely turn your horse out into a pasture and not ruin your previous liberty lessons. Follow along as Jonathan teaches Jack the Liberty circle which is one of the most advanced exercises you can do. See how far Jack has come as a Liberty horse in a follow up session 3 weeks later in the wide open arena.
  • Learn how to teach your horse not to assume it is time to run away
  • Jonathan shows Cam about personal space and not to bite the halter… or him!
  • How to introduce the tape round pen
  • Jack goes on to the 45' line
  • See the value of short and concise sessions


  • Chapter 20: Turning your Horse Out
  • Chapter 21: The Connected Shaping Circle
  • Chapter 22: Large Round Pen and the 45' Line
  • Chapter 23: A Progress Report with Jack


DVD # 7: Advancing Liberty – Part III
(1hr 5min)


You'll meet Tessa in this DVD and observe Jonathan and this mare at a high level of information. Watch as he guides you through several very real sessions in a large, tape Round pen – and what to do when your horse breaks away!
  • Learn to play with the energy of the day
  • See a true Liberty horse and how refined our communication needs to be
  • Learn an advanced Liberty concept called 'Push to Connect'
  • How to create natural desire for your horse to jump
  • Learn the positional difference between more advancing exercises, like change of direction
  • Learn essential 45' line handling skill that you can do with a friend or yourself


  • Chapter 24: Tessa in the Round Pen
  • Chapter 25: Advanced Liberty Concepts – Real Time!
  • Chapter 26: The Change of Direction
  • Chapter 27: Including Jumps at Liberty
  • Chapter 28: 45' Line handling Tips


DVD #8: Liberty & Beyond
(1hr 33min)


Join Jonathan and Cam at a local equestrian park as they teach you various ways to get your horse connected back to you in new situations. Cam is very fresh and you'll see how Jonathan directs these energies to gain control and maintain spirit & connection in Cam. Sideways and cantering on-line are covered with Mozart the Friesian, and the Stop and Back up is taught with Rufio.
  • Use the 45' line to allow expression and teach the horse how to connect even when they're really 'up'
  • Learn how obstacles can cause thinking and athletic development in your horse
  • Learn how moving a horse in a mini circle sideways can influence his balance so positively
  • Learn how to recognize and create an equality of bend in your horse
  • Know when it's important to be specific about the canter lead while on-line
  • See a super sensitive horse at Liberty in the round pen and learn how all your 'Feel' will play an important role


  • Chapter 29: On-Line with Cam
  • Chapter 30: Sideways On-Line
  • Chapter 31: Cantering On-Line
  • Chapter 32: The Stop & Backup – On-Line and at Liberty


Bonus DVD "Triple Play" Free with The Liberty Series!



Three Horses – Three Sessions – Three Different Levels

  • Chapter 1: A Lucky Foal
  • Chapter 2: Stitch
  • Chapter 3: Cam

Watch as Jonathan plays for the first time with a very special foal who has defied the odds of survival. Hear this amazing story and enjoy imagining the possibilities of her future.

Using a very green, young horse Jonathan show you how you would use all your skills to approach the round pen with a horse that has very little preparation. This session is very important to Jonathan as he has seen so many horses have their confidence ruined as a result of the round pen. He wants to use this session to document a way that you would approach the round pen with a young horse in order to get the benefit of what "Round Penning" a horse is supposed to achieve.

For entertainment purposes only: Peer in to Jonathan's world with his most spectacular Spanish Stallion, Cam, as they have a very real and intense session playing at Liberty. Just when you're thinking "why would Jonathan risk his life to do this?", he explains how Cam has reinvigorated a passion in him to get up early or stay late for just a few minutes with this horse.



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