Ground DVD 1: Becoming the Leader Your Horse Needs You to Be

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Jonathan takes the complex, dynamic, and often misunderstood subject of horsemanship and boils it down to a simple, natural formula. Then, in an hour long session with a pushy and reactive herd bound horse, he demonstrates how horses need leadership to relax and learn.

*Understand things from both the horseman's and horse's point of view.

*Acquire the tools that will allow you to become a natural leader for your horse.

*Learn the 4 parts of the Primary Equine Language (Neutral, Friendly, Touch and Driving), the cornerstone to all future training.

*Understand how the prey animal mind works and then develop a plan for your horse’s feet using horse psychology.

*Learn how to establish clear boundaries that set both you and your horse up to progress more quickly.

*Learn how to shape your horse’s emotions so that relaxation becomes his number one emotional response.




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