Ground DVD 4: Long lining: A Great Way to Further Your Connection

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Long lining: A Great Way to Further Your Connection

Long lining has been used for generations as a way to develop a greater feel and connection between horse and rider. Using two horses at very different levels, Jonathan demonstrates the fundamentals of long lining and teaches you how to further your connection using this technique.

*Watch as Jonathan teaches a young horse to long line, working his way from the side to the back in a progressive way.

*Learn how to use your hands and aids more effectively to develop a greater feel for your horse through the reins.

*Understand the difference between an active, supporting, and fixed rein.

*Help your horse learn to think his way through more complex situations.

*Gain a greater understanding of the Primary Equine Language and how it applies to all areas of horsemanship.

*Learn the “Abandon Mission” training principle.

*Watch as Jonathan demonstrates with one of his top horses, Quincy, the potential of long lining.

*Understand how ground skills translate to the back. (This DVD is strongly linked to DVD 4 RIDING Advance Your Riding Through Feel, Flexion, and Shape.)

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