Riding DVD 4: Advance Your Riding Through Feel, Flexion and Shape

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Using one of his top horses, Quincy, Jonathan discusses feel, flexion and shape and how combining the three sets your horse up to perform to the best of his ability. He then teaches you how to achieve all three with your horse so that you both can go out and progress to higher level maneuvers with ease.

-Learn how offering a better feel to your horse allows him to connect with you.

-Understand how to shape and balance your horse properly on a straight line, circle, and around turns.

-Understand the "bow bend" and how to get your horse to bend laterally through his whole body, not just his head and neck.

-Learn the "I set it, you hold it" training principle.

-Watch Jonathan teach a young horse still learning to have balance how to hold herself more athletically.

-Allow your horse to find comfort between the reins and legs with the “responsibility rein."

-Understand and develop the half pass and leg yield. (This DVD is strongly linked to Long lining: A Great Way to Build Connection DVD 4 GROUND)

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