Riding DVD 5: Test Your Teaching - Challenge, Purpose and Fun!

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In order to progress, you need to know where you are! Using two horses, Jonathan gives you exercises and ideas to test your horsemanship skills and keep your horse asking, "What's next?"

*Watch as Jonathan, using barrels, cones and balls, presents many fun and interesting ways to "test your teaching" and help you and your horse progress.

*Develop yourself as a rider with fun exercises designed to challenge your feel, release, timing, and balance.

*Challenge your horse with fun exercises designed to shorten and lengthen his stride, create balance and shape in his body, and build his confidence.

*Create a feedback loop so that you can diagnose your strongest and weakest links and move forward.

*Learn how to "freeplay" and break out of your box.

*Learn the one rein riding technique to determine if your horse is soft and responsive or if you are holding him in position.

*Give you and your horse something fun to do together!

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