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Join world-renowned horseman, Jonathan Field, as he takes five very different horses and trains them to become solid riding partners.  In this series, horse owners will be able to diagnose the holes in their own horse’s foundation and recognize what needs to be done to fill in the gaps.

Outlined for young and mature horses alike, this series is also the perfect guide for re-starting any horse. Throughout this DVD set, Jonathan dishes out the skills and knowledge that viewers will continually refer to for years to come.

Enjoy nine hours of private instruction as Jonathan shares some of his inner horsemanship secrets with his charming manner and straightforward approach.

 - Prepare for saddling with two key techniques

 - Understand the concepts behind taming and become a
   true leader

 - See how Jonathan catches a range colt in a round pen

 - Leg handling with difficult and over sensitive horses 

 - Deal with the dominant, pushy horse as well as the skeptical,  fearful one

- Build an excellent stop from the beginning 

- Get early canter departures to be easy for both the horse and rider

Watch as Jonathan deals with horses that are: hard to saddle and mount, run through pressure, intensely buck and strike, push with their shoulders, ignore personal space, won’t stand still, and much more!




DVD 1: Trust and Fundamentals
The re-Start is Everything DVD One

Chapter 1 - Getting Started with Earl: Session One

Chapter 2 - Earl: Introducing the Saddle Pad

Chapter 3 - Five Year Old Colt: Catching

Chapter 4 - Three Year Old Filly: Catching

DVD 2: Freeing Up
The re-Start is Everything DVD Two

Chapter 5 - Earl: Laying Over Back

Chapter 6 - Earl: Sending Forward

Chapter 7 - Earl: Gaining Body Control

Chapter 8 - Three Year Old Filly: Following a Feel

Chapter 9 - Five Year Old Colt: Building Communication

DVD 3: The Horseman's Dance
The re-Start is Everything DVD Three

Chapter 10 - Earl: Beginning the Horseman’s Dance

Chapter 11 - Earl: Using Obstacles to Give Purpose

Chapter 12 - Three Year Old Filly: Introducing the Tarp

Chapter 13 - Five Year Old Colt: Building a Circle

Chapter 14 - Five Year Old Colt: Creating Purpose with a Small Jump

Chapter 15 - Introducing Stitch

DVD 4: Saddling

The re-Start is Everything DVD Four

Chapter 16 - Earl: Desensitizing with the Saddle Pad

Chapter 17 - Earl: Introducing the Flank Rope and
                  Desensitizing the Hind Legs

Chapter 18 - Earl: First Saddling

Chapter 19 - Earl: Second Saddling

Chapter 20 - Three Year Old Filly: First Saddling

Chapter 21 - Earl: Pre-Saddling Warm Up

Chapter 22 - Earl: Third Saddling

Chapter 23 - Stitch: First Saddling

Chapter 24 - Maxfield: First Saddling

DVD 5: The First Ride
The re-Start is Everything DVD Five

Chapter 25 - Earl: Catching Up after Time Off

Chapter 26 - Earl: Preparing with Neutral Lateral Felxion
                     and the Indirect Rein

Chapter 27 - Earl: Getting Ready for the First Ride Bareback

Chapter 28 - Three Year Old Filly: The First Ride

Chapter 29 - Earl: Riding Bareback and a Successful Saddling

Chapter 30 - Earl: The Half Mount

Chapter 31 - Three Year Old Filly: Continuing her First Ride

Chapter 32 - Five Year Old Colt: The First Ride

Chapter 33 - Earl: Preparing for the First Ride

Chapter 34 - Earl: A Review on Saddling

Chapter 35 - Earl: The First Ride

Chapter 36 - Earl: Riding Point to Point 

DVD 6: A Solid Riding Foundation
The re-Start is Everything DVD Six

Chapter 37 - Earl: Starting with the Flank Rope

Chapter 38 - Earl: Second Ride

Chapter 39 - Earl: Building a Stop

Chapter 40 - Earl: Creating a Circle and the First Canter

Chapter 41 - Earl: Using Barrels to Ride a Pattern

Chapter 42 - Earl: A Flowing Exercise to Gain Control of Each Body Part

Chapter 43 - Earl: Stopping in a Sweet Spot

Chapter 44 - Earl: Using an Obstacle Course to Add Purpose

Chapter 45 - Maxfield: An Update

Chapter 46 - Stitch: An Update

Chapter 47 - Earl: Introducing a Small Jump

Chapter 48 - Earl: Carrying the Bit

Chapter 49 - Earl: Taking it Further

DVD 7: The Obstacle Course Finale

The re-Start is Everything DVD Seven

Chapter 50 - Three Year Old Filly: Obstacle Course

Chapter 51 - Five Year Old Colt: Obstacle Course 



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