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The film is an official publication of the NEVZOROV HAUTE ECOLE school and explains the general principles of a horse’s education; «Collection», «Discipline», «Lunging», «Cordeo», «Touching», «Composure».

Training a horse without any means of painful control truly requires the Highest form of Mastery of horse training skills. This film does not give lessons but shows that this method is real and possible.

Difficult elements of traditional riding schools, perfect obedience, a perfect collection without a bridle, or halter or any such tool were considered to be impossible and unachievable. Thanks to the School’s method such relations between horse and man now turn out to be possible, without the use of any special painful device in its mouth, without punishment, without any means of control.

It shows how it is possible to study the true, live biomechanics of movements and difficult Haute Ecole elements which is organic and safe for a horse, and not thrust upon it by men through painful means which injure the mouth and nose.

The School warns you that performance of everything that is shown in the film is possible only after acquiring thorough knowledge of the School. Trying to imitate the School relationship between horse and man without this knowledge is extremely dangerous for the health and life of both man and horse.

 This film is not an educational edition. It is published for viewing and sale to the general public only.

«NEVZOROV HAUTE ECOLE» production, 2006

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