Riding DVD 3: Lead Changes Made Easy

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Using three horses, all at different stages in their development, Jonathan thoroughly explains the components that make up lead changes. He gives you a clear step-by-step process to go achieve clean and consistent lead departures, simple drop-to-the-trot lead changes and, ultimately, flying lead changes.

*Jonathan takes the mystery and confusion out of leads and lead changes in a fifty minute session with one of his top horses, Boo.

*Learn the 7 Step Process to the Flying lead change and watch as Jonathan takes a nine year old ranch horse through the steps in a complete tutorial.

*Watch Jonathan ride a dressage horse and get him moving forward easily in order to get clean flying changes.

*Understand the importance of setting the proper flexion.

*Learn how to keep your horse relaxed while doing flying lead changes. (This DVD is strongly linked to Developing a Great Riding Horse From the Ground DVD 3 GROUND)

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